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What were the survey questions?
Survey questions can be found here: 

Who participated in this year's IDB survey?
155 organizations with budgets under $2 million participated in this year's survey. These organizations are from across the US:

Organizations include:

  • 24th STreet Theatre
  • Act for Great Apes
  • Agape Asia Foundation
  • American Legion Post 101 - Somers, CT
  • Animal Welfare Society of New Jersey
  • Arise Citizens' Policy Project
  • Association of Nature Center Administrators
  • Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative
  • Bettendorf Public Library Foundation
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County Colorado
  • Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center
  • Brakebill Community Development Corp
  • Camp of Champions USA
  • Campaign for Southern Equality
  • Cascades Raptor Center
  • Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation
  • Cause Effective
  • CEA
  • The Center for Wisdoms Women
  • The Child & Family Network Centers
  • Clean Air Carolina
  • Clean Air: Organizing for Health and Justice
  • Coastal Watershed Council
  • College Settlement of Philadelphia
  • Colorado Sierra Club
  • Columbia Riverkeeper
  • Community Advocates for Family & Youth (CAFY)
  • Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley
  • Community Foundation of West Kentucky
  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)
  • Dan's House of Hope
  • David Brower Center
  • Delaware Speech and Hearing Center
  • Detroit RiverFront Conservancy
  • Dismas Ministry
  • Dream Catcher Stables, Inc
  • Dream Come True Foundation
  • Eastern Shore of Virginia Habitat for Humanity
  • Eastern Shore Regional Library Foundation
  • El Pueblo, Inc.
  • Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association
  • Eno River Association
  • Executive Service Corps of Southern California
  • Families Together, Inc.
  • Farrington Nature Linc
  • Fayette County Association for the Blind
  • First Baptist Church of Holliston
  • Freedom Builders of America
  • Freshwater Future
  • Friends of North Creek Forest
  • GateWay Second Chance Foundation
  • Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa
  • GleanKY
  • Global Birthing Home Foundation
  • Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation
  • Grace Community's Resource and Empowerment Center, Inc.
  • Graceful Dynamics Consulting
  • Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training
  • Greenbelt Land Trust
  • The Hope Project
  • Human Services Center Corporation
  • Idealware
  • Intermountain Impact Investments
  • International Essential Tremor Foundation
  • Jeannette Rankin Peace and Resource Center
  • John Bunker Sands Wetland Center
  • Jumping Mouse Children's Center
  • Kino Border Initiative
  • Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
  • Land Conservancy of West Michigan
  • The Land Trust of North Alabama
  • Laudholm Trust
  • LGBT Center of Raleigh
  • LIKEME Lighthouse-KC, Inc.
  • Linda Loring Nature Foundation
  • Literacy Connects


  • Mali Health
  • Manatee County Habitat for Humanity
  • Maplewood Area Historical Society
  • Mass Alliance
  • Memphis Black Arts Alliance
  • Mighty Writers
  • Missoula Writing Collaborative
  • Mobility Worldwide MO - Columbia
  • NARAL Pro-Choice NC
  • Natural Heritage Land Trust
  • Nature Center at Shaker Lakes
  • NC League of Conservation Voters
  • Neurofibromatosis (NF) Midwest
  • Neurofit Networks, Inc. dba Parkinson Wellness Recovery
  • Oak Park Regional Housing Center
  • Oakland Youth Chorus
  • Ogden Nature Center
  • Oregon Head Start Association
  • Patners for Youth Opportunity
  • Peace Community Center
  • Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance
  • Philippine American Foundation for Charities
  • Portage Park District Foundation
  • Project Help
  • Project: LEARN of Medina County (Ohio)
  • Purple Asparagus
  • Queen Anne Food Bank
  • Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project - QWOCMAP
  • Rain for the Sahara
  • Razom for Ukraine
  • Rebuild Africa, Inc.
  • The Reconnect
  • Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South
  • Sadie Nash Leadership Project
  • San Diego Coastkeeper
  • Santa Fe Farmers' Market Institute
  • SeaShare
  • Seattle Community Law Center
  • Shoes That Fit
  • Sierra Service Project
  • Silver Spring (MD) Village, Inc.
  • Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Snow City Arts
  • Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion
  • Sound Rivers
  • Southside Community Kitchen
  • Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation
  • Spirit in Action International
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Street Youth Ministry of Austin
  • Student Action with Farmworkers
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • SunServe
  • TahDah Foundation
  • Tandem, Partners in Early Learning
  • Teen Success, Inc.
  • Thanks, but we don't want to be listed
  • A Time to Heal
  • Toxic Free NC
  • Triangle Land Conservancy
  • Turtle Island Restoration Network
  • Uneed2
  • United Through Reading
  • Voice of Care
  • Voices Together
  • Volunteer Center of Kern County
  • WakeUP Wake County
  • Washington Square Park Conservancy
  • Washington Wine Industry Foundation
  • The Welcome Project
  • Wild Utah Project
  • Winyah Rivers Foundation, Inc.
  • Workers' Dignity / Dignidad Obrera
  • Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation
  • Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus

How many organizations of each size participated in the survey?
We had a good distribution of organizations across all sizes, including:
41 with revenues under $200,000 (small)
48 with revenues between $200,000 and $500,000 (medium)
32 with revenues between $500,000 and $1,000,000 (large)
34 with revenues between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 (super)

How can I participate in next year's survey?
If you'd like to be part of next year's survey, you can sign up here: Remember: the survey is only for nonprofits with revenues of under $2 million who are based in the US. 

What's the median number of donors and average gift?
The median number of donors is 257 and the median average gift is $333. These numbers are significantly lower than the averages, meaning that there are more organizations reporting smaller numbers of donors or average gifts, but a few organizations with large numbers that are influencing the average.  

It seems like recurring donations fell in 2016? Is that the case? 
The numbers are slightly down in many ways: percentage of individual donor revenue, average gift, and overall revenue. However, the number of donors giving recurring gifts is up from 9% to 11%. This could be an insignificant fluctuation in the numbers within the margin of error for this data poll. It may also be the a result of the increasing amount of credit cards fraud and donors having to re-engage with organizations to update their information.

How do recurring donations impact retention rate?
They don't! Retention rates seem to hover at 60% for organizations of all sizes, issues, and strategies. For those organizations who have recurring donation programs, the retention rate is 60.19%, for those without the retention rate is 61.76% - a negligible difference!

What is the breakdown by size of organization for online donations?
Organizational size has a limited impact on online donations, as can be seen below. The average organization raises 24% of their revenue online, 4 out of 10 of their donors give online, and the average online gift is $300.

Size  |  % Individual Donor Revenue Raised Online |  % of Donors Giving Online  |  Average Online Gift
Small      |  25%  |  40%  |  $335
Medium  | 26%  |  40%  |  $295
Large     |  24%  |  41%  |  $222
Super     |  18%  |  39%  |  $342
Average |  24%  |  40%  |  $300