Services & Results

We have more than 40 years of combined experience as nonprofit capacity builders, facilitators, trainers, and coaches. 


Non-profit leadership Academy

The Nonprofit Leadership Academy is the centerpiece of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Foundation’s capacity building program. Offered annually, the Academy is an intensive 11-month learning lab to help 16 nonprofits develop the leadership, culture and strategy to be more adaptive organizations capable of delivering enhanced impact in today’s changing context. Third Space Studio is responsible for designing the Academy in partnership with the foundation and both Meredith and Heather serve as coaches to the participating nonprofits. Participating organizations report that they learned to think bigger and differently as well as broke old habits to create more effective ways of working. 

Equipping Staff with New Skills

When State Priorities Partnership of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wanted to enhance the technical assistance that they provide to a network of more than 40 independent, nonprofit research and policy organizations around the country, they called upon Third Space Studio. We trained the staff on how to facilitate better meetings and how to use a coaching mindset in their technical assistance. The staff of CBPP report that they are getting rave reviews on their meetings from their state partners.



Articulating a Strategic Framework

When it came time for the Down East Partnership for Children (DEPC) to update and refine their strategic plan, they called upon long-time partner Third Space Studio. We facilitated multiple meetings with staff, community partners, and board members to articulate a simple strategic framework that captures the organization’s desired impact, core strategies, and targets for 2020. DEPC joins multiple other organizations that have relied on Third Space Studio to guide them through the creation of a clear and focused strategic framework that is owned by many. Recent clients include Democracy NC, the Sycamore Institute (Tennessee), and the North Carolina Association of Educators of Young Children.

Crafting a Fundraising Strategy and Plan

Founded in 1938, the Biodynamic Association is one of the oldest sustainable agriculture non-profit organization in North America. Their model of generating revenues from memberships and conference fees was no longer providing sufficient revenue to cover all of their program and operating expenses. Heather helped them to better understand the challenges and strengths of their business model and to develop adaptations to improve sustainability.

Coaching Leaders for Success

Leading an organization from the seat of executive director or board chair can be daunting. So can being a new development director. Third Space Studio offers coaching to new leaders who are new to their positions and to leaders that are facing new challenges and opportunities. Our clients appreciate the time for reflection and learning and report that they are more confident and capable leaders. 

Researching Adaptations in the Nonprofit Sector

We are long-time observers of the nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. When the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation wanted to better understand how North Carolina nonprofits where adapting to changes in the political and economic landscape, they asked Meredith to conduct some interviews of nonprofit leaders to find out more about what was driving, enabling, and impeding adaptation.  The foundation is now using this research as part of their own strategic adaptation process.